Why study Petroleum Engineering ?

Some reasons to study Petroleum Engineering at the Montanuniversität Leoben:

1. The Montanuniversität is one of only a handful of Universities in Europe with educational programs dedicated to the advancement of petroleum and mineral resource engineering.  As a result, a sense of uniqueness comes with studying in Leoben.

2. Graduate into a high quality of living.  Surveys show that graduates from the School of Petroleum Engineering are some of the best paid professionals around the globe.

3. Protect the environment for future generations by implementing new and safer technologies.

4. Study leading technology, as the demand for safe, affordable and clean energy steadily increases.

5. Enjoy the advantages of the strong cooperation between the School of Petroleum Engineering and the industry e.g., early contact with industry professionals and companies, well paid internships and the chance to work on interesting projects and research activities.

6. Strong internationalization through student exchange programs with reputable universities worldwide.  Also, all upper level courses are taught in English, providing a head start through immersion in the industries language.

7. Be part of a selective community with a worldwide network.

8. High energy demand results in petroleum engineers being the most sought after professionals.

9. Enjoy life in a beautiful "picture book" small Austrian town in the foothills of the Alps with a myriad of outdoor activity possibilities.  Located in the heart of Europe, retreats throughout the continent are inevitable.

10. Study at a world renowned technical university with a unique standing and special focus on petroleum and mineral resources.

11. Graduate to work in a high-tech industry ranked along with aerospace as the top field of study in terms of prestige.

12. Have fun gaining a life experience while building your future!